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Прямые иностранные инвестиции в Россию

Всего ПИИ в мире по годам

Россия сделала внушительный рывок по ПИИ на 45% и вышла на третье место в мире
Правда пишут что в основном благодаря приобретению BP  доли в 18.5% в Роснефти
Transition economies experienced a significant 45% rise in FDI inflows, reaching a record level – an estimated US$126 billion. FDI inflows to the Russian Federation jumped by 83% to US$94 billion making it the world's third largest recipient of FDI for the first time ever (figure 5). The rise was predominantly ascribed to the large acquisition by BP (United Kingdom) of 18.5% of Rosneft (Russia Federation) as part of Rosneft's US$57 billion acquisition of TNK-BP, which is owned by a company registered in the British Virgin Islands. FDI in the Russian Federation is expected to keep pace with its 2013 performance as the Russian Government's Direct Investment Fund – a US$10 billion fund to promote FDI in the country – has been very actively deployed in collaboration with foreign partners, for example funding a deal with Abu Dhabi’s Finance Department to invest up to US$5 billion in Russian infrastructure.
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