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В продолжение про американское раскулачивание

«За один только день в апреле 1932 года целая четверть всей земельной площади целого штата Миссисипи продана с молотка. На этой площади находилось 20% всех ферм штата. 74 шерифа продали с аукциона 39 699 фермерских хозяйств. 400 000 акров было приобретено государством (правительством штата), остальная часть – страховыми компаниями, ссудными кассами и владельцами закладных земли».

Нашел американскую заметку, на основе которой Хисториан с Буркиной, придумывают про раскулачивание

Sheriff's Gavel Hangs Over Fourth of Estate

fi Jackson. Miss., April 5. (JP) Hammers of Sheriffs in nearly every county of Mississippi fell on auction blocks yesterday, beating out news that approximately 25 per cent of the state's privately owned property was under sale for delinquent taxes. State Land Commissioner R. D. Moore, said one-fourth of the state's private property was involved. The figure exceeded any year in the state's history. Reports showed 39 699 farms, or 16.2 per cent of the agricultural acreage of the state, went on the block, while 12 per cent of the city property was forfeited for nonpayment of 1931 taxes. Since the state already possesses from 15,000 to 40,000 forfeited acres
in each county. Commissioner Moore estimated that if the present lands revert to the state, it will have more than one-fourth of its property off the tax rolls two yens from now when the redemption period close. The foreclosuies are in spite of an installment payment plan enacted last fall by a special sc.-sion of the legislature, allowing payment of 50 per cent of taxes by February 1. A 25 per cent installment is due August 1. Governor Sennett Conner last Saturday signed a bill which reduced tlje penalty on ax-sold property. Its authors say it will encourage redemption cf the lost land.
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